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Feb 22, 2012 | 100% rev

Imagine the host of a live music show shouting out: ‘Amsterdam Arena, Heineken Music Hall, Milky Way, eat your heart out, here comes Ziggo Dome’. A thunderous applause follows.

When it comes to music, there is no question that the new pop venue Ziggo Dome is the unanimous winner. Acoustics are the key to truly memorable concerts. Ziggo Dome, designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects, has a ‘single-purpose, multi-use’ design. Built for amplified, live music and – unlike the above-mentioned colossal structures – not for large-scale events in general. It will be hip and happening.

The most striking aspects of the design are the roof, the flooring and the stands; these features are part of a package designed to create acoustics of unprecedented quality. At this point, Bolidt is proud to reveal that it will install 32,400 m2 of flooring systems. Proud, because Ziggo Dome is an ingenious project with numerous innovations and a dazzling future ahead. In addition, there is the introduction of a supposed world first! 

The size of the venue posed a problem. Architect Job Schroen in an interview on Dutch radio: ‘Everybody knows that the acoustics in football stadiums are not great. That has to do with the fact that the stands are made out of concrete. This does to sound what a mirror does to light, it reflects it. What we have done, and I think we were the first to do so in the world, is to build stands that allow sound to pass through them, so that it is absorbed behind the stands.’ This is not the only amazing thing about Ziggo Dome. The roof construction can easily carry 100 tonnes of material. That equals two heavy lorries! The constructions that were used also reduce reverberant noise to a minimum and the roof is sound insulating.

All of this clearly calls for a collaboration of equal partners. The question is: what will Bolidt do? Install flooring systems on the balcony structure, as part of the soundproofing? Apply durable systems in the previously unmentioned, immense underground car park? Play a part in creating those unique stands? That and more will be revealed the next time!

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