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Dec 07, 2011 | 100% rev

A metropolis of the classical Roman antiquity. Colonia Ulpia Traiana is still to be found in Xanten (Germany), at exactly the same place this Roman city used to be. Archaeological park Xanten is the largest open-air museum in Germany. In a very interactive way the ‘RömerMuseum’ gives a breathtaking chronological exhibition of all the aspects of Roman history. But outside the museum building the adventure continues!

The beautiful temple as beacon of the Roman culture. The impressive bathhouse, adjacent to the museum, exhibits the excavated remains of the Large Baths and the amphitheatre leads the visitors along the world of heroic gladiators, blood-curdling horse races and wild hunts. The museum is a reflection of the greatness of the Roman architecture, in this case the Basilica Thermarum. A gigantic building with a length of almost 80 meters and a width of over 20 meters, which was once the entrance hall that gave access to the important Large Baths. It now envelopes edifying Roman history by a stimulating mix of galleries, floating ramps, art and interactive exhibitions. The matching archaeological covering combined with modern museum architecture is the grateful work of architect bureau Gatermann + Schossig. The tour leads visitors upwards, providing them with a non-stop clear view at the 20 meters high museum roof, continuously changing the viewers’ perspectives and one impression is constantly followed by the other. A museum that reduces everyone to silence, including jury members…It is time to gather the party hubbub in the amphitheatre, because Gatermann + Schossig was assigned with the ‘Best Architects ‘09” award for their work at the “RömerMuseum”. Bolidt joins the party: more than half of the museum is equipped with the sound insulating Bolidtop® 525 Combi flooring system. The floor seamlessly adapts to the architectural construction without disturbing the intended ambiance of the exhibition. In addition the floor creates a bright space in combination with daylight, but also offers the possibility to create the effect of a ‘black box’ instead.

The museum is lacking absolutely nothing. A building Caesar would have been proud of!


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